Rings, Rings, Rings...

Hello my heroes,

I really wanted to make this post for a long time, but I don't know why I didn't do it. Well, I like big rings in every colour or style and I really like the 3D rings trend. A ring can say so much about yourself, for example if you're married or not, if you like vintage or not and so on. An outfit can look much more cooler with the right accessories.

 I found this ring at a fleamarket in rome and it broke. I'm so sad about this, and I don't find an equal ring in Austria, maybe you guys can help me or have some tipps for me, where I can find a wooden ring like that.

 Here are my favourite rings at the moment...

The new trend ring..
ASOS Metal Moustache Ring
Designed by the muse of Alexander Wang,
 model Erin Wasson created her own label.

Low Luv x Erin Wasson 14ct Gold Plated
Triple Bar Crystal Cocktail Ring
4 Rings with the letters L O V E
ASOS Pack of Four Love Rings

When I first saw this ring I just thought
 "One day, this ring will be mine!" 
 ASOS Double Finger Sausage Dog Ring  €10.50  

ASOS Extra Long Wrapped Vine Ring

Looks like the wolf bites your finger!
ASOS Howling Wolf Ring

All rings found by Asos.com, they are women rings and men rings.