L.L by Lera Leshchova Interview! MQVFW12

Prada war gestern, heute ist es Lera Leshchova mit ihrem im Kiev beheimateten Label L.L. Die Designs sind sehr elegant und fraulich. Ich die Sonnenbrillen habe ich mich auf jedenfall verliebt. Die Show von Lera ist am 15. September um 15 Uhr. Hier das kurze Interview mit ihr auf English.

Five words about you or about your Brand.
New wave, dinamic , independent, actual and elegant.

Five words about your new collection you will show at the VFW.
Very soft and feminine,  soothing colors, elegant, easy silhouettes,romantic, mysterious, even a little futuristic style. clear and concise ,all is strictly and serious. I can't describe it in five words, because I really like this collection.

How do you feel about showing your collection at the VFW? 
Of course, I feel the pleasant excitement ,cause it is very desirable for me to make a good impression about my  fashion collection .This is my first Fashion Show in MQ Vienna Fashion week .I think that VFW is a brilliant and spectacular fashion event with a great future!

Vienna is a fascinating city, is it also a inspiration for you?
Vienna can not fail to inspire, this city is very beautiful , refined and
exquisite in its love to art. I felt in love to Vienna from the first sight. Working on the collection, I transformed the feeling and energy which i got in Vienna, in the dresses. The energy of love and beauty and unique stile!

And what is your favourite Place/Club/Bar in Vienna?
Oh, there are a few places I like, for example the Stadtpark, Albertina passage and the Cafe Central.

What do you think about Blogger and how will the internet change the Fashion industry?
Bloggers is primarily a free-thinking, which is so lacking to the fashion industry. From the moment of popularisation of fashion bloggers the fashion world irrevocably changed. Realizing the influence of fashion bloggers to the youth,  designers and brands collaborating with them. The collaborations is  very effective for researching the target of audience and for advertising.